Thursday, January 31, 2013

Brought to you by the letter M

Pinterest Parties are the latest crafting activity where you get together with others and make an item found on Pinterest.  Willow Tree Fabrics had a party recently where we got crafty with a letter of our choice and enjoyed snacks also found on Pinterest.

We started by tracing and cutting out the letter.  The M was so BIG they had to cut a bigger piece of burlap for it!   A chevron template was available for the design.

Chevron lines completed.  I know, messy lines, it gets worse!  Ha ha!

Some letters do better on this project than others.  I liked the letter S.   They are stapled to the back piece and then stuffed with plastic shopping bags.

Hot glue is available in metallics too!   We ran the hot glue along the staple line of the letter.

I added a wire hanger and gave it a decorative twist.

The M is so wide that it kind of collapses together at the top.  Maybe more stuffing in the middle would have prevented that.  I just attached the wire at the point that it would collapse the least.

The look better from a distance rather than up close!  I may hang it on the door for a while then it's going on my sewing room wall.

Have you been to a Pinterest party?

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  1. I find a lot of inspiration on pintrest, but the good thing is that I am not on it every day :)


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