Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Scratchy Bulky Scarf

My daughter likes bulky scarves.  I ran across this bulky scarf tutorial about the same time that she was shopping for an off white or cream colored scarf.  I was so excited about this, I told her I would like to try and make one!   The tutorial looked easy enough for a beginner like me.

I found the wool-ease yarn that the tutorial lady used, but not in the right color.  I went on down the aisle looking for other alternatives and ran across some soft Andes Alpaca yarn.  A friend of mine raises alpacas.  The yarn is so very soft, warm, and nonallergic.  Once she showed me nice, soft, warm socks made from the yarn.  I knew when I started learning to crochet that I wanted to eventually get some alpaca yarn and make a scarf.   Being in a rush to get this finished over Christmas break I didn't think there was time to contact my friend and get a source from her.  So I settled on the Andes Alpaca from Hobby Lobby.  It felt as soft as the woolease....until you put it on your neck.  It was so scratchy!!  I washed and dried it and that didn't help much at all!   What a pain in the neck.  Literally.

My daughter and I both liked the look of the yarn, it's kind of "hairy" looking.  Unfortunately, all that time was spent making this and it won't likely be worn.  I'm not even sure it can be used for anything else either!  I'm not happy about that, but I'm looking forward to finding a nice soft wool ease or real alpaca yarn so I can try this again!

Don't laugh if you see a lady in the store holding a skein of yarn up to her neck.  It's probably me.

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