Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Bassman's Birthday

This year for the Bassman's birthday, I thought a weekend getaway would be more fun than a shirt.  (I have a hard time shopping for him.)   So we headed to the north Georgia mountains, between Chatsworth and Ellijay.    

Most of the time it was cloudy and rainy.  So at 3000 feet, it was mostly cloudy!

The clearest day
Arriving after dark, it was quite an adventure getting to the cabin.  There had been a wreck on one of the winding mountain roads, that caused us to have to detour.  Fortunately, a local lady (she was a God send) offered to lead us and a few other cars to the other side so we could get to where we were going.    So off we go following this lady whom we had never met, on a mostly dirt road through some kind of bypass that the locals knew about.  Oh my.  The fog, or rather clouds, were so thick we could barely see the front of the car.  Needless to say, my nerves were rattled by the time we got to the check-in place.  Then we were on our own to make it to the cabin in the clouds.  My nerves were totally shot by the time we drove that curvy loose gravel road to the cabin.  

Now, I grew up in the country, playing in the woods, running up and down hills, creek banks and dirt roads.  But not being able to SEE where we were going almost drove me crazy!  Fortunately, the Bassman remained calm and in control.

Cabin drive
We like to explore state parks on weekend trips like this so we went to Fort Mountain State Park to see what we could see.  We shopped and ate in Ellijay.  It's a small town with lots of antique shops and local art and crafters.   We enjoyed good food at Charlie's Italian Restaurant and the Cajun Depot (get the muffaletta).

Fort Mountain State Park entrance

Fort Mountain fortress structure

Hiking path to the fortress
Otherwise, back at the cabin, I didn't see much that inspired me to take a lot of pictures.  It was just so rainy and cloudy.

Table I liked at the cabin
So I spent a little time between the rain, playing with the timer on my camera.  Surely out of all those snaps there would be one good one!  

Us with trees coming out of our heads

Bassman silly collage

Happy Birthday to my wonderful hubby!


  1. Happy birthday, Bassman! I would have not liked the back roads trip either. But, it looks like a nice trip all in all. Share the best pic when you decide. :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your husband! I'm glad you got to spend some time away. Thankfully, you made it to your destination safely. I would have been scared too!

  3. My husband went to school in the north Georgia mountains...he told me one day he is going to take me...7 years and still waiting...


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