Thursday, January 3, 2013

PW Red Velvet Cake

I did it!  I made a Red Velvet cake from scratch.   It's not like it was on my recipe bucket list since Red Velvet cake is not my first choice at the dessert table.  But boy do some people love it and just go on and on about it!    I was just curious so I did it just to say I did it, plus I needed a dessert for Christmas Day.

The recipe is simple enough to put together.  I'm not one to gather all the ingredients together on the countertop then measure them out.  I get one ingredient out, measure, get the next one out measure.  Probably not the most efficient way so it seemed to take me forever just to get this stirred together and into the oven.  

I was surprised at how much red food coloring and how little cocoa goes into this cake.  Finally, after leaving things out at room temp, stirring, baking, cooling, cooling some more, stirring some more and icing it was finished.

We ate it on Christmas Day after our traditional red beans and rice dinner.  It's the buttermilk that makes it so yummy and moist.  Oh, and the cream cheese icing is good too!


  1. My husband LOVES red velvet cake! I have to say I am a little worry about food coloring in my food...I wonder it there would be a "natural" food coloring?

  2. Such a pretty cake and your photo is great too. I have never cared for it like most people seem to. I think it is really the icing and the red coloring that everyone loves.


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