Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pan-Roasted Chicken with Cheesy-Herb Mashed Potatoes

After this recipe from the Sweet As Pie Cooking club, my next cookbook purchase may be a Cook's Country book.  I have been interested in the TV show off and on but many of the recipes and their process was too much for me, the not-a-gourmet cook.  I hope Jennifer keeps those Cook's Country selections coming to the club!

I've never had Boursin cheese until now.  This cheese takes potatoes to a yummy new level so we'll be having those again!   The nice girl in the Publix deli, told me she loves to spread Boursin cheese on wraps.  She's also very helpful, just look for her, she's the one with the purple streak in her hair and gauges in her ear lobes.  I think she recognizes me as the lost old lady always wandering around looking for something!

1/4c of chives is called for in this recipe.  My chive pot, which was mostly neglected last summer, has been the most popular this summer.  Good thing the pot is full!

The pan sauce is simple.  I used boneless skinless chicken breasts so there wasn't much drippings left in the pan from cooking them, but enough to whip up in the sauce.

Just serve with a green side like the roasted asparagus above.  Oh, and don't forget a fresh garden tomato.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sweet As Pie Cooking Club - Baja Chicken Sliders

The kitchen is STILL closed and I am WAY behind on the Sweet As Pie cooking club recipes.  But I do have access to a grill and managed to put together the Baja Chicken Sliders that I chose back in May.  Back in May????!   Yes, it's been that long!

The slaw in this recipe is the best part.  Crispy broccoli coleslaw with red pepper, onion, jalepeno, and lime, and cilantro.  Fresh and crisp!

Without a dishwasher and kitchen sink, I'm using way more paper plates than I would like.
The second best thing about this recipe is the sour cream and lime zest spread.

Pile it on the toasted bun with the marinated chicken and slaw.

I was so ready to eat I forgot the lettuce and tomato.  With this slaw, it wasn't necessary anyway.
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