Saturday, April 26, 2014

Brownie Batter Cookies

I was happy I had the ingredients on hand to make these Brownie Batter Cookies by Trisha Yearwood.  Nope, no trip to the grocery store required.   The hardest part is remembering to set out the butter for it to soften (and it does need to be really soft or room temp).

My cookies may be smaller than the recipe creator, because I usually end up with more than it says it will make.  More than 2 dozen!

Here are my 2 with a glass of cold milk, as soon as they came out of the oven!  ...then I had 2 more...

It is now 7pm.  Wonder what we're having for dinner?

I bagged a few to share with friends and the rest were mailed to Tuscaloosa as a birthday treat for my daughter's friend.  

The text message read "this is the best chocolate chip cookie I have ever had".   Of course, I'd expect a college student to say that!

They are delicious, a cake-like texture on the inside, with a slight brownie-like crust on the outside.  Great choice for a scratch-made cookie!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tuscan Bean Soup with Shrimp

I'm enjoying the Sweet As Pie Cooking Club recipe selections that include kale as one of the ingredients.  

This Tuscan Bean Soup with Shrimp soup was simple to put together and makes a lot!  I had purchased frozen scallops at Costco and wanted to try cooking them at home.  Since I had those on hand, I subbed them for the shrimp.

Eat your greens...and tomatoes...and beans...and scallops!  And do add parmesan cheese on top.

Chipotle Chicken Chili

We have tried to like it, but we just don't.  It's not that we hate it either, it's just not our choice.  I'm talking about chipotle chili peppers.

I was looking forward to a different spin on chicken chili with this Chipotle Chicken Chili.  And it just didn't happen.  The Bassman didn't even want to take the leftovers to work with him.

On the good side though, it is hearty, filling and healthy!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spicy Whiskey BBQ Sliders

Hmm, I wonder what happened to the photos of the Spicy Whiskey BBQ Sliders.  Oh well, I'll talk about them anyway and will make them again!

The grill-loving Bassman wasn't excited about fried hamburger patties, or gloopy bbq sauce in a jar, or jalepenos in a jar.  But I made them anyway and we loved them!

The Braves are playing, sounds like a good thing to enjoy again during a night of baseball!

Update:  found the photo, I'm sure everyone was wondering what it looked like ;)

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Ty's Thai Salad

Ty's Thai Salad was probably the prettiest salad I've ever seen!  I made it back in January and it was a nice change from all the holiday and winter comfort food.

It makes a big bowl full, so be prepared with your largest bowl and plenty of people to eat it!

After reading the reviews on the Food Network site, I cut back on the olive oil to 1 cup.  I don't like salad swimming in dressing, just a light covering works on this salad.  And the dressing is good!

Eat a big bowl full now.  I think the leftovers will likely be a soggy mess!

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Pepper Jelly Glazed Carrots

Last summer, we enjoyed every jalepeno we could!  Not wanting to waste not even one, I searched for recipes that used jalepenos.  Most recipes used only 1 jalepeno, maybe 2.   Except pepper jelly.  Should I make pepper jelly?  Hmm.  I don't even think about pepper jelly except at Christmas, poured over that hunk of cream cheese and eaten with crackers.  One can only eat so much of that.

I made pepper jelly anyway.  Thinking I would give most of it away so that everyone could pour it over that hunk of cream cheese.

Then, November's Sweet As Pie Cooking club selections were published and you would never guess what was on it.  These Pepper Jelly Glazed Carrots.  Wow, it was just meant to be!  Haha!

It made a bright dish with just a touch of zing from the pepper jelly.  Not too sweet and not hot at all. Definitely a different variation from the ususal glazed carrots.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Feeding the college kids

Two Sweet As Pie Cooking Club dishes were perfect for those weeks when the college kids are in and out.  Who knows what the schedule is going to be during those weeks.  And I don't want any of them eating out ALL the time.  When they're at my house and we can enjoy some of these good recipes!  

Both of these make large 9x13 size casserole dishes, plenty for dinner and leftovers for the next few days.

Instead of "where are we going to eat?", I heard "let's eat some of this".  

Monday, April 7, 2014

Creole Beef Grillades and Cheese Grits

Let's see, where was I?

Creole Beef Grillades and Cheese Grits was my selection waaaay back in November for the Sweet As Pie Cooking Club.   I wanted to make one of Chef John Besh's dishes.  I saw his show on APT and he prepared this dish using pork.  When I searched the internet to check out the recipe, I ran across the beef version and decided to give it a try.  A grillade is a traditional dish of south Louisiana.  I saw where Emeril and Paula Deene also have a version.

I was concerned about the beef being tough, but it cooks a while so it turns out tender.  I just threw together some cheese grits and didn't try John's version.  The sauce is good stuff and the star of this dish!
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