Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Corn Salsa

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, we've been on a make-it-ourselves Chipotle kick.   My daughter loves the burrito bowls and we were curious about the barbacoa pork and beef, but have not ordered it.

So along that vein, I chose Corn Salsa for the Sweet As Pie Cooking club, because corn was in season and I just knew I would use fresh corn from my father's garden.  Well, the corn didn't do well this year so I used canned.  I made Barbacoa Beef to roll in a burrito with the corn salsa.

We liked it.  It would also work well on chips or as a side dish.

Barn Collective

I've been inspired to resurrect the barn photos, take some new ones and link to the Barn Collective!

It's interesting that some of the white frames frame doors and windows yet others seems to frame nothing.  Apologies for the blur.

Somewhere in Arkansas

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