Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Barn Collective

I've been inspired to resurrect the barn photos, take some new ones and link to the Barn Collective!

It's interesting that some of the white frames frame doors and windows yet others seems to frame nothing.  Apologies for the blur.

Somewhere in Arkansas


  1. You can clear it up with a program. Many are out there. Nice barn.
    One is the program Sandra uses. Monkey.

  2. Hi Kerry, great barn image even though it blurry. keep shooting.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

  3. That is a beautiful old thing. Thanks for joining!

  4. Oh, this is a beauty...I always wonder about the doors and windows and where they are placed. Sometimes they are in weird places!

  5. That is a big barn and pretty well kept.for its age.

  6. Lovely old barn!!! I've seen them with those 'blank' frames, as well. Not sure what they are for, other than they look nice. Hopped over from Amy's Barn Collective.


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