Monday, November 12, 2012

Almost Bunyan's Slaw

It's not difficult to find a good BBQ restaurant around here.  There's a BBQ restaurant, a church and now a bank on just about every intersection!   

But the slaw is a different story.   Sometimes the slaw just makes the sandwich better!   We love the hot slaw but not every BBQ joint makes it.   So I like to have it available in my frig.  

One of those BBQ places, Bunyan's in Florence, AL has good hot slaw.  And I ran across someone's attempt to recreate it.

 The slaw at Bunyan's is not quite as yellow as this version, but this is good! 

It also goes well with hot dogs and pinto beans.

Almost Bunyan's Hot Slaw Recipe
Reprinted from Almost Bunyans Hot Slaw


Veggie Ingredients
2 cups   - Grated green cabbage
2 Tbs    - Grated carrot
1 Tbs    - Grated onion
1 Tbs    - Grated green pepper (no seeds or membrane)

Sauce Ingredients
1/4 tsp  - Paprika
1/2 tsp  - Red cayenne pepper
1/2 tsp  - Salt (non-iodized)
1/4 cup  - Sugar
1 Tbs    - Goya/Crystal hot sauce (or similar)
2 Tbs    - Ketchup
4 Tbs    - Prepared yellow mustard (like French's)
1/4 cup  - White vinegar (add last, stir-in)
1/4 cup  - Apple cider vinegar (add last, stir-in)

  • Add dry sauce ingredients to a medium sized pot and mix well.
    Stir in the ketchup and mustard until well blended and paste-like.
    Stir in the vinegar a little at a time to avoid clumping.NOTE: The cayenne and hot sauce can be adjusted to whatever
    level of heat that you prefer.
  • Heat up to just short of boiling while stirring occasionally.
    This will blend and bring out the flavor of the spices.
  • Remove from heat and let cool a little while you grate the veggies.
  • Grate the veggie ingredients. Put the grated veggie ingredients
    into a pint-size container with a lid that can seal.
  • Pour sauce over the veggies and stir well. It may seem like there's not enough
    sauce for all the veggies, but once stirred well it should cover everything.
  • Cover and refrigerate a minimum of 24 hours, allowing time for
    the flavors to blend, soften and pickle the veggies, and generally thicken up.
    Even better to let it go for a week (seriously, it takes time).
  • Best served over plain pulled pork wrapped in a hamburger bun.
    Note that at Bunyan's BBQ, they only use about a Tbs of hot slaw
    to top a pork sandwich, and there's plenty of spice and flavor
    from that little bit to add the perfect complement.

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  1. All that spice sounds good to me. Lots of great flavors in the sauce. Thanks for linking this week!


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