Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fabric and Crochet Infinity Scarf

Earlier this year when I was learning how to crochet, I started with a scarf.  I love 'em plus I thought it was a smaller and less threatening project!  Something I could see the results sooner than later.

Except it didn't go quite like that.  Learning the abbreviations and deciphering the patterns was sometimes frustrating and confusing.  Looking at the demos on Youtube helped me so much.  As I learned to "Turn", my stitches got off count (was I supposed to be counting? ha ha!)  so row 1-5 has 10 double crochets and rows 6 until the end of the scarf has 9.  

So my first project is not even and after finishing the skein of yarn it's not long enough to wrap around my neck.    It looks like a crocheted "thing".  

Have you seen the fabric and crochet scarf combinations?  I like those too, so I took my crochet "thing" to the fabric store to find a matching lightweight fabric.

I cut the fabric about half an inch wider than my scarf on each side.  Stitch up one long side.

Then I placed the crochet "thing" inside the fabric.

Then folded the fabric over the crochet thing making a sandwich.

Pin and stitch across all three layers.  Do this on both ends.

Now tuck the crochet thing inside the fabric and stitch the other long side leaving about 3" open.  Turn it inside out.  Stitch the 3" opening together to close it.

The ends of the crochet thing are attached to the end of the fabric making one long infinity scarf.

Wrap it around your neck and leave it long...

Or wrap it around again...

It's slightly bulkier than I would like but it will keep the wind off my neck when I run to the store this winter.

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  1. That is so pretty! You are quite talented.

  2. Yes, you are talented and very handy. You made it work. I love that fabric.


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