Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fried Dill Pickles

This past weekend I celebrated a birthday.  

A vase of these greeted me when I walked into the kitchen.  They're pretty!

It was also a big game day weekend for all the football fans at my house.  We decided on these fried dill pickles for the tailgate, aka couch. 

We only order them at restaurants when there's a table full of people to eat them.  I like them, but you never know what you're getting so I don't get real excited about eating them in restaurants. 

I had never made them at home and was concerned they would be too soggy.  So I let them drain on paper towels for a few hours.  I chose the chips over the spears and the chips are definitely more time consuming by having to dip each one multiple times!

They were crispy and tasty!  Dip 'em in ranch dressing and pop 'em in your mouth.



  1. What a great appetizer! I would have a hard time not eating the whole batch by myself! Pinned to try!

  2. looks like a lot of work, but maybe I can have an assembly line with my children...


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