Thursday, November 8, 2012

Button Bracelet

Bracelets are my favorite type of jewelry.  

One day I saw the I Spy DIY girl on TV and she mentioned her button bracelets.  So I headed over to her site to check them out and I knew I could do this!

The instructions are pretty straightforward.  It helps to pin the button to cardboard or corkboard while you're braiding the cord.  I gives it something to hold on to.

These 2 have already been confiscated by my daughters.   So I'll be making more for myself!

This charm came from the Bella Rustica vintage mall.  I'm not sure I like the black cord with it so I may redo it.

While I was on a roll with the cord, I made an arrowhead necklace.    My daughter has been wanting an arrowhead necklace and my father gave this arrowhead to her.

Gotta go make more button bracelets!

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  1. that is a neat idea! I love the use of buttons. I have some big ones :)

  2. That is such a great idea! I love butons. I bet my daughter would love them too.

  3. Very cute ! I really want to delve into jewelry making. They look great!

  4. These are really cool, Kerry! This kind of reminds me of the macrame that we did back in the 70's--only prettier!

    I like the buttons, but the arrowhead is really something. You did a great job with that!

  5. These button Bracelets for Women are so quick and easy to make, I think they would make great gifts. You could also make the threads a little longer and turn them into anklets. Have you turned buttons into jewelry?


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