Tuesday, January 8, 2013

National Championship Appetizers

Well, the doc told the Bassman he needed to lose some weight and my pants waistband could stand to be a little looser too!   But we still had to enjoy some snacks while watching Alabama play in the national championship game.

Here's what I chose:

Warm Artichoke Dip with veges and pita chips from the 400 Calorie Fix.   Looking at the ingredients, you would think it would have more flavor than it did.  I like a spinach artichoke combination better.  And it wouldn't hurt to throw in another vege, would it?

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites with chili sauce from SkinnyTaste.  This is one of my favorite recipe sites.  The Bassman loved these.  Man food.

Andouille Stuffed Mushrooms and Jalepenos from Tasty Kitchen.   I cringed at the thought of buying frozen jalepeno poppers, so I used the same stuffing  in some fresh jalepenos.  The Bassman loved those too!

Actually, we just went ahead and called it a meal.   The good side is they are all low carb and we did get some veges in.   The bad side...we might have eaten one too many.


  1. Wow, everything looks delish! I might actually take up football watching at your house if you'll feed me like this! lol


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