Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pan Roasted Chicken with Lemon Garlic Green Beans

After I typed the title, it looks like the name of this recipe from Real Simple lists almost all of the ingredients!  

The Sweet As Pie Cooking Club is mixing it up this year.  I enjoyed the year of the Pioneer Woman, and I expect to enjoy this year too.  We're selecting recipes from anywhere to share and try something new and different.  Anyone is welcome to join in, just leave a comment here or on the Sweet As Pie Cooking Club blog.

With the lemon in this recipe, I expected it to be best in the summer months.  But with all the rain we had, I was trying not to count the days, someone said we had 8 straight days of clouds and rain.   This dish turned out to be very light and refreshing on a dreary day!  That lemon added just a touch of sunshine!

The lemon slices went in first and I didn't get a photo of them, but doesn't it just look fresh and summery!  Some comments said it was too lemony, but not for us.

Just toss everything in the lemon, olive oil and garlic mixture and layer it in a baking dish with the chicken on top.

The chicken roasts to a nice golden color, yum!

This was a very different take on a one-pot dish.  It's not your one-pot casserole or crock pot dish.   We enjoyed it and the leftovers too.


  1. that's how I bake the greenbeans...never added the potatoes...but that sounds really good too

  2. Looks good. Tony puts vegetables in the bottom of the pot when he roasts chicken, but never green beans. Something to try!

  3. I meant to include that your photos are great. Nice close ups of colorful food are very appealing.


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