Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year and God knows my heart

I enjoy the holidays, ALL of them, all year long.  Because it is usually an opportunity for us to gather with family and friends or just rest and relax on a day off.  In early December, I told the Bassman that this Christmas is different, yet I couldn't describe how.  No words for it.  I told myself I wasn't going to stress, yet I did.  And I got a nasty fever blister to show for it!  Ugh.

So I had to remind myself what Christmas is all about, Fear not!

We played our traditional fun greedy Christmas game on Christmas Eve.
Me and my mother

We had a Hawaiian Christmas complete with a Left Right game with a Hawaiian theme.  Here are those that dared to wear their aloha wear.

So looking back into 2012, our family has grown and so have I.  I still wonder what I'm doing leading 20-year-olds in a Sunday School class!

I didn't see my stepdaughter over the holidays, she didn't come around at all.  So I'm praying for her and my stepson.  For healing and moving forward.

I saw first hand how job situations are affecting people.  My daughter's friend, whose family couldn't afford a plane ticket home, stayed with us over Christmas break.   I am thankful that my husband has a job and can provide for the family...more than we need.

I saw a close friend experience a cancer diagnosis and treatment for her husband.  I pray for healing for him and support for my friend for whatever she needs.

Another friend told me that she didn't attend church during Christmas because the songs remind her that her son passed away during this time of year.  But I'll be back this Sunday, "He knows my heart!", she said.

He knows my heart.  God  KNOWS my heart.  And I like that.

Welcome 2013!

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  1. Yes, please less heart ache for all this new year. Both your mom and your dad look great. Not too sure about those shirts though. Is that the kitchen at your childhood home?


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