Thursday, January 3, 2013

PW Italian Chicken Soup

Got to catch up on the Sweet As Pie Cooking Club posts for December selections so I can get on with the yummy January selections!  

Italian Chicken Soup was my selection this time round.  I seriously doubt if this is an authentic Italian recipe but maybe a couple of my Italian friends will let me know.   Does adding oregano and olive oil make a dish Italian?   Even if it doesn't, this soup is still very good and it makes enough to feed an army.

Lots, and I do mean, lots of bell pepper, onion and some jalepeno.  The jalepeno is optional, we like it so for us, it's just not right to leave it out.

I had never heard of "ditalini" pasta.  Publix didn't have it or anything like it.  But I found a ditalini look alike at Piggly Wiggly in a box called salad macaroni.  Sometimes the small town grocery stores save the recipe.

Even with all the peppers and seasonings, this soup is mild, tasty and very filling.   It's even better the next day.  Crusty bread and Ricatoni's italian herbs and olive oil are the only side needed.

Perfect on a cold night!  Just be ready to feed an army or make half a recipe.  Mine made about 6 quarts.


  1. if it's simple to make, then it's Italian! I would most definitely eat it!! Like a true Italian.

  2. It looks great!

    And yes, this Italian can tell you that your salad macaroni is indeed, ditalini.

  3. Looks yummy as well as simple. I'm marking this post in my reader.


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