Friday, February 1, 2013

Simple Crochet Shrug

Hopefully this doesn't look too frumpy and grandma-ish.  Even if it does, I don't really care because I love it!

It's this free pattern from Lion's Brand made with Homespun yarn in Painted Desert.  I love the colors, they go with anything.

And it's so warm!  I don't like wearing a bulky coat so I try to layer up when I'm going to be in and out.  So I'll add this to my layers.

A lot of patterns labeled as "beginner" turn out to be not so easy.  This one really is simple.

It's basically a big rectangle folded in half and attached in a couple of places.  Yep, that's it!

This is what I do while the Bassman's watching a game on TV.  This way we can relax and talk in the evenings and spend time doing something we both enjoy!

I'd love to make another one, but I better get busy on a prayer shawl.


  1. This shrug is adorable! I would totally wear the heck out of it. Is it knitting or crochet? I guess that question probably shows my inexperience with both!

  2. Beautiful colors and it does look easy - except that I don't crochet or knit. :)


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