Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fat Tuesday

One of these days, the Bassman (who we believe is part cajun, hee hee :) and I will go to the southern part of our state and enjoy the local Mardi Gras food.   In the meantime, we enjoyed the best crawfish etouffee this side of New Orleans and beignets at Albany Bistro and wiped out a few pounds of steamed crawfish at Tim's Cajun Kitchen.   That brings me to today's fat food.  It happened along with an effort to get some stuff out of my frig without wasting it.  

I have been in the mood for sausage balls.  There doesn't have to be a holiday, football game or other special day to have sausage balls.  So it's time to try these Cream Cheese Sausage Balls.  The Bassman and his friend will be fishing this weekend and they can just grab these on their way out the door (and I won't eat them all).

She mixed it up using the stand mixer and the dough attachment.  Now why didn't I think of that?!  I've been using a big bowl and a big spoon or fork or whatever worked that day to get it all mixed together.

In just a couple of minutes, the mixing was done for me!

I think the 400 degree oven is too high or 20 minutes is way too long or I might have sat at the computer a couple of minutes AFTER the timer went off.  They're very crusty on the bottom.   That's ok, we'll still eat 'em!  The next batch I turned the oven down to 375 and they turned out better.

Too crusty
And the other fat food was some cookies made from that fund raiser cookie dough.  You know the kind that will keep out at room temperature for about 20 days?   They're good cookies, but I've got to wonder about the preservatives that will keep food for that length of time.  

Maybe next year I'll just make a donation and they can keep the cookie dough!

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  1. I know, I am the same way...I like the premade cookie dough, but I really try NOT to buy it. It has a lot of sodium too. The sausage ball look delicious!!


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