Monday, October 29, 2012

Drunk Chicks

"Drunk Chicks". 

That's what the Bassman called this Sweet As Pie Cooking Club selection when I told him we were having Peach Whiskey Barbecue Chicken for dinner.  I wasn't expecting that comment and just had to laugh and tell you about it!

This was another recipe that I could convert to a crock pot version which is perfect for when evenings are busy.  The version on the PW website is slightly different than the one in the book, but only slightly.  I had read the one on the website before I went to the grocery store so I didn't pick up any fresh peaches and wasn't going back to get them! 

Brown the chicks.

Saute the onion.  This is the best smelling part!  Now the whole house smells yummy!

Stir in the remainder of the drunken ingredients.

Pile it all in the crock pot.

Add a shake or 12 of hot sauce.  This is in the variations section of the recipe in the cookbook.

Cook on High for about 4-5 hours.  Serve over mash potatoes.

It's good, I was wishing I had some crusty bread to get up all that yummy sauce!


  1. Oh my, your recipe looks like we could sit down and really enjoy every bite especially with the potatoes too.

  2. This looks absolutely scrumptious. I make a version similar with beer for my sweetie, but I bet he'd love this even more!


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