Monday, April 30, 2012

College Subway Art

Hopefully, ya'll are not too tired of my college house talk and stuff but sharing this with you has helped my empty-nest-i-ness.  So I'm glad you're here!  And I think I only have 1 more project to tell you about after this one so bear with me please...thank you.

I enjoy all the typography and letter art that many creative bloggers have done.  This was something I could definitely personalize and do myself for the college house!

I used Microsoft Publisher.  Just choose the terms or graphics that you want to include.  Place them randomly in the document using various fonts.   It takes a little attention to get the words to fit together and minimize the white space. 

Print it out, put it in a frame and it's ready to go.  On move-in day, we hung it on the wall.  And wouldn't you know, I don't have any photos of it to show you.

So let's just go eat lunch!

See ya!


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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Debbie. I enjoyed reading about The Pass It On Project on your blog, great idea!

  2. It looks great, Kerry! Subway art is not always an easy task, it does take some time, but you seem to have mastered it!

  3. It looks great! Since you only have one more college house project to show, you need to do some more!


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