Monday, April 2, 2012

Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken pot pie was pretty common on our dinner table when I was growing up.  Not homemade though.  Swanson made it and froze it in those little aluminum tins.   It had a top and a bottom crust.  And it was good.   I wouldn't touch the frozen ones today with a ten foot pole.  I'm not even sure if they have real chicken in them!

The recipe on the Bisquick box makes a pretty good chicken pot pie.  That's as close to a homemade chicken pot pie as I have been until I made the Pioneer Woman's Chicken Pot Pie recipe for the Sweet as Pie Cooking Club.

I like to make my own chicken broth when possible and avoid the rectangle kind (in a box).  It's richer and adds much more flavor.

I think my vege peeler went out in the garbage with the last batch of vege peels.  Wonder what recipe I was making!?    Anyway, I can't remember to pick up another one so I used a knife to scrape the carrots.  Have you ever done that?   My mother didn't have a vege peeler in her kitchen.  I don't know if they hadn't been invented yet or if she just didn't buy one.  So I scraped carrots with a knife.  

Fresh veges ready to go.

And yummy english peas.  

A side salad goes well with chicken pot pie.  But ranch dressing in a bottle is awful.  I like to use Hidden Valley in the envelope.  Except I grabbed the wrong thing!  I got the dip mix!   This is not the first time that's happened, I must admit.  Ugh, and it does not replace the dressing mix.  I tried it and it never thickened up at all.   I wish I had made my own!  Next time I will, like this homemade ranch dressing.

Moving on.   Chicken and veges all chopped up in the broth, now to add the cream. 

It was creamy.   I have cooked with more cream than ever since I started following these Pioneer Woman recipes!    This even smelled creamy, so creamy I worried that it covered the chicken flavor!   Maybe next time I'll only add half the amount or substitute fat free condensed milk like one of the other ladies did.

There wasn't enough time in the day to make a crust, so I used a frozen one.   Having trimmed off the edges (which turned out to be a mistake), I added the little dough pieces back to the pie.  :)  See how happy he is?

Turns out I trimmed off toooo much of the edges.  Ten minutes into the baking time, I smelled something burning!  Oh no, it had spilled over into the oven!  Quick grab a baking pan and slide it underneath.   Yuck, the smoke finally subsided but what a mess it left!

After all that, he's still got that silly smile and I am smiling too because it was very good!   Creamy, but not too creamy as I first thought it might be.  The Bassman liked it too.  We ate every last bite of it.  Well, not all at one time!

Excuse me, now I have an oven to clean.



  1. Oh Mary, I love chicken pop pie. We used to eat it when I was growing up, my mom made it too. My dad was a quail hunter and after he had been quail hunting, we would have quail pop pie, made the same just substitute quail for the chicken. Thanks, also going to buy an owl and see if it helps with my wreath. Also when you remove the word verification, you may get more posts.

  2. That looks delicious! I love the Pioneer Woman's recipes. Her cookbooks are so fun to use and read. :)

    1. I love her cookbooks too! Thanks for your kind comments.


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