Monday, April 16, 2012

PW Breakfast Burritos

Boy am I way behind with this.  But for a good reason.   Seeing how many this makes, I wanted to wait for the family to be home to enjoy them.  And enjoy them we did!  Pioneer Woman Breakfast Burritos was one of our selections at the Sweet As Pie Cooking Club last month.  I saw her make these on her Food Network show and they looked so easy.      This is definitely a keeper and should work well to make half a recipe.

I used the frozen southern style hash browns.   The pan is already full!   Add to the to-do list:  get bigger pan.

While the taters are cooking, chop the pepper...

...and have some coffee...

...and grate the cheese...and make some noise because everybody is still asleep.  Except the Bassman and well you can probably guess where he is.  Yep, gone fishing.

I just used our favorite seasoning in the egg mixture...

Smells good, looks good

Pile it on the burrito...

I kept them warm in a 200degree oven.  Then when each sleepy head wandered into the kitchen, they could grab one when they got ready to eat. 

This is mine, I'm not waiting on anyone!



I'm sharing this over on our new PW Potluck tab since I missed the post last month!

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  1. Your Breakfast Burritos look yummy. Wish I had some for my breakfast tomorrow. Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog.


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