Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blakelie's Dash

A few months ago, I heard a spiritually moving speaker talk about "the dash".  The dash?  What's that you ask?   Family members often include a few words on the tombstone to describe their beloved one's life.   But what about the dash?  The dash between the 2 dates on the tombstone.  Does anyone notice the dash?  What does the dash say?  "What will you do with your dash?" this speaker asked.   He was speaking of what acts we will do to honor God during our lifetime.  His talk stuck with me.  The dash.

But what if there is no dash?  What if life is so short there wasn't opportunity to even breath air much less honor God?   

My husband and I recently lost a grandchild.  She was stillborn at 38 weeks.  We could not believe this was happening.  As far as we knew, Mom and Blakelie were doing fine.  We had enjoyed a baby shower and they were getting the nursery ready.  As we drove to the hospital, I cried and I prayed.  I don't remember what I asked for in my prayer, it's just all I could do at the time. 

While we were at the hospital, a couple of my stepson's friends came by to speak to us.  These young people spoke such hopeful and encouraging words.  I could feel His spirit around us as they spoke!  They didn't know us, they didn't have to do that.

As the situation became much more critical, we had to go to Birmingham.  The windy weather had prevented the special medical team from coming in locally on a helicopter or jet.  The doctor on call made the decision that he would ride in the ambulance to UAB.   He's the doctor on call...this was totally above and beyond his call of duty!  He didn't have to do THAT.  This was another sign to me that God would ride too! 

Hours later as we sat at McDonalds outside UAB, my husband called our pastor to let him know what was going on and to ask for prayers.  The gentleman sitting at the table behind us overheard our conversation.  He spoke as he passed by our table.  He admitted he didn't know us or the situation but offered to pray for us...adding "God doesn't make mistakes".  A total stranger was offering support.  He could have left McD's without saying a word.  He didn't even care that we were not the same race as he was.  God doesn't care what race we are either.  Tears rolled down my cheeks as he went on his way. 

The first of many hospital chaplains came by to check on the emotional well being of Mom who hadn't yet delivered the baby.  This was a critical time and the situation was overwhelming.  I asked if he could pray with us.  He asked Mom and she agreed.  Everyone in the room circled up as he led a prayer of hope and reassurance for our young parents!  The team of experts then helped Mom deliver a beautiful baby girl.  One day we'll get to see her again.

Amazingly, He is still honored by a life that was barely a dash!  If an infant child who barely has a life can cause so many people, some of them strangers, to cross paths and honor Him, can you imagine what the rest of us could do with our life?!

Blakelie's life, her dash, has shown to me that our dash is about Him in our life.  It's about GodGod wants to have a relationship with us!


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  1. Oh, no. I'm so sorry. Many prayers and blessings to your family, especially Mom. What a terrible thing.


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