Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I am a Blogger Groupie

Is there a Blogger's Anonymous group yet?  If not, maybe I'll start one.  I am the woman at the well and I am a blogger groupie.   There, I said it. 

It began when I started following Christy Jordan (Huntsville, AL) of Southern Plate.  I went to her cooking show and cookbook debut at the University of North Alabama.  I had no idea how these things worked and never really cared about autographs so I didn't take my cookbook or my camera!  But I did meet her and chatted for a long time few seconds.

Her  Chicken Noodle Soup is really good.  Never eat the canned stuff again!  I sent this virtual bowl of soup to her Facebook page when she posted that she was under the weather.  Her comments were gracious and some of her other friends asked questions about the soup.   So we had a little moment that day on Facebook.

Recently I met a few members in "The Mix" of the Sweet As Pie Cooking Club when we took a field trip to The Pioneer Woman book signing.  It was fun to meet them and join the other 300 fans there!  We were early enough to be right there up front and center!  But no, we were busy chatting and visiting and didn't think to MOVE UP while all those other groupies fans piled in front!  We did get great line numbers though, we were number 76.

Other local popular bloggers that I follow were there too!    Kevin and Layla (Prattville, AL) of The Lettered Cottage were there.  They were so nice and are so talented and so patient with all of us groupies fans.   They told me they are having fun just going with whatever opportunities their blog opens up for them.   Their shutter headboard on the HGTV website is what inspired the college headboards that I made.   The talented lady (Troy, AL) behind Perfectly Imperfect was there too.  If only I recognized her, I would have met her too!

Finally, I get to meet Ree!  She was friendly and we talked about her dog Charlie.  I used to have 2 bassett hounds years ago and she said I should get some more, they're so funny!

Ree and me
Jennifer, the Sweet As Pie Cooking Club founder, shared the online club with Ree.   Ree nodded, smiled and seemed flattered!  She left some information with Ree so hopefully she'll have a few minutes between book signings to check us out!  Wouldn't that be sweet as pie? 

It was such fun getting to know Jenny and Amanda too!

Now, I wonder which blogger I'll meet next.    Have you met a favorite blogger?


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  1. We had a small blog gathering in Orange, CA for Southern California Bloggers. I did a give away and had fun. There I met Beverly, of Flamingo Toes, one of the women in charge and I met Mark Montano. I used to watch Mark on the show, Look Ten Years Younger. He is wonderful! Anyways, I write about it here:


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