Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spicy Dr Pepper Pork Crockpot Style

Pork roast is one of our family favorites and I was excited to try a different version like the Pioneer Woman Spicy Dr Pepper Pulled Pork (can we add more words to that name?) 

Hoping to find a 5 lb roast, I came home with the smallest one I could find, 7lbs.  Hope the leftovers are good 'cause that's a lot of meat!

We had a few projects going on that day that took us away from the house.  This was perfect for the crockpot and it was ready when we returned home.

Roast isn't complete without onions.

I always add more onions...

Salt and pepper this hunk and put it on top of the onions in the crock pot.

Sometimes my grocery list is not specific.  I've never cooked with "chipotle peppers in adobo sauce" (can we also add more words to that?).  I think I was more concerned with getting the correct peppers and didn't pay attention to HOW MUCH to get!   So I came home with 1 can which was not enough.  How can it be spicy pork without enough peppers?  And I am not going back to the store, no time for that.

The Bassman reminded me that we have dried chipotle peppers in the cabinet so I sprinkled on some of that.  He LOVES peppers and hot spicy foods, but has not been a fan of chipotle peppers.  Yet he was keeping an open mind (and mouth :) ) on this dish.

Add in the foamy Dr Pepper.  I've baked ham with coke before, but not Dr Pepper.

After about 6 hours on High, it's falling apart.

Pull out the bone and chunky fat that may be left.

I decided to serve it with a side of steamed broccoli and mashed potatoes.  The Bassman propped those peppers on the side for the photo.  Didn't he do good?  And doesn't that roast look good?  Very moist meat with a smooth, smokey, spicy flavor (can we add more words to that?)!

We prepared 2 dinner plates (Bassman had seconds) and 2 leftover plates.  There is still PLENTY of roast to fold up in a few tortillas like the PW did.  Sounds so good with the cool cheese, tomato and cilantro.  Yum, I am looking forward to that!

And one of these containers is going in the freezer for later!  This was a great change up to pork roast and to traditional southern smoked pulled pork.


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  1. I was thinking about trying this. You've decided for me!

  2. I tried a pulled pork recipe in my crockpot just last week. It was really good but a bit dry. I'm going to try Dr. Pepper next time.


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