Tuesday, May 1, 2012

PW White Chicken Enchiladas

Jenny at the Sweet As Pie Cooking Club had already mentioned at the book signing how good these PW White Chicken Enchiladas were.  I was looking forward to trying them myself. 

I chose to use chicken thighs because the meat is moist and flavorful.  Cooked 'em up a couple of days ahead and the chicken is ready and I've got the broth too!


Chopped onion and yes, jalepenos.  In the interest of time, I chose to use the canned roasted green chiles instead of roasting them myself.  Maybe I'll try that next time.

The chicken mixture is looking yummy!  I did use half and half instead of cream, just because that's what I had in the frig.

With the cheese grated and waiting on it's turn, we all snatched a bite, of course.  Who can resist a nice pile of cheese sitting on the counter?!   So always grate extra cheese for snatching.

Get the sauce mixture started with a roux.  This is where I had to swap pans, the chicken was in the pan that I needed to make the roux.  Good grief.

To soften the corn tortillas, I chose to microwave them.    See that enchilada crack open?  15 seconds wasn't enough to soften them in my old-as-the-hills microwave so I nuked them for 30 seconds and that worked much better.  Instead of making 2 pans, I just kind of staggered and layered them and poured the sauce mixture all over.

It ended up as more a casserole with tortilla overload than individual enchilada servings.  The final golden cheesy dish tasted very good though!  If I pile them in like this again, I'll just cut back on the corn tortillas and make sure each tortilla is packed full of chicken mixture.

I added some greens.  Beautiful cilantro.

My brother's cilantro from last year came up again and he gave me a big bag full!  Wow!

Add more greens...avocado and jalepenos.  Yes, I am a "eat your greens" kind of person!  Love 'em.

All 4 of us enjoyed this dish!


Linking with the Sweet As Pie Cooking Club.

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  1. I think the canned chiles are the way to go!


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