Friday, May 25, 2012

PW Pistachio Cake

Dessert is not something that I make around my house very often.  When I do, it's usually for one of our larger family gatherings so there are not as many leftovers to tempt me!

The Pioneer Woman's Pistachio Cake was one of our April recipes at The Sweet As Pie Cooking Club.  With 2 potlucks to attend in one week, I had the perfect opportunity for this cake! 

It has only a few simple ingredients.

If you like to celebrate St Patrick's Day, Easter, etc. with food and a color scheme, this would work for that too.  Look at the green!

...and orange

The bundt pan had me on my hands and knees!  It was WAY back in the back of the cabinet.  But it's getting some use now.

Once the chocolate mixture was poured on top, I wondered if my cake would have that nice chocolate circle in the middle that it is supposed to have.  Hmmm....

My oven sometimes tends to brown things quickly when there's still some time left to bake.  I suppose it's really the pan that causes that.  I took it out 5 minutes short of the suggested cooking time, did the toothpick test, it was done.

Ah, there it is, that chocolate circle!   This cake is so moist and yummy.

So off we went to potluck #1.   And would you believe only half a slice of this cake was eaten! 


I noticed other cakes were ignored too.  But they were store bought and so that doesn't surprise me.    What was popular was the cobblers and berry pies.  So I wrapped up my cake and a couple of days later off we went to potluck #2.  A slice or two was eaten this time.  Several desserts were saved for some other event that was going on so I donated the remainder of the cake. 

I have no idea if it was eaten!

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  1. Bundt/pound cakes are my favorite because they are plain. I think most people want a lot of gooey chocolate, icing, whipped cream, caramel all in their dessert.


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