Friday, May 4, 2012

Something is dying to get out of my frig!

You know what I'm talking about.  That smell.  Something in the frig has gone bad!

"What is that smell?", the family asks knowing you have all the answers.  (hee hee)  "It's past time to clean out the frig", I say. 

So let's see what we've got.  I know you're dying to see, but I'll spare the details.  After clearing out all the food-gone-wild, there were some small amounts of leftover chicken and steak, lettuce, egg, cheese....hmmm....perfect for a salad!

When I'm not cooking the Pioneer Woman or Southern Plate recipes, I like to check out The Hungry Girl and The Flat Belly Diet for the lighter side of eating.  Well, every little bit helps, right?  Like drinking a Diet Coke with your candy bar, right?    All kidding aside, both of these sources are simply healthy eating.  No special milkshakes or formulas or packaging that drives me crazy.

So back to the frig.  When salad bars became popular back a long time ago, I thought that chick peas and beets were there because the restaurant had a cheap-o salad bar.  I never chose those ingredients to add to my salad.   I had no idea how low-cal, filling and healthy they are until I ran across this huge salad called The HG Special by The Hungry Girl.   I added the chick peas, corn and beets to various other salad fixins' from my frig and had myself one plateful of salad!  Actually two!

One with chicken...

and one with steak...

The HG Special has no dressing, and is just over 300 calories.  That's a little too skinny for me.  I'm ok with a 400 calorie salad with a drizzle of lite dressing on the top.

So now I've gotta go to the store, the frig is empty!

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  1. Salad is one of my favorites! Edamame (sp) is very good. Ruby Tuesday's always has it. I have to have dressing, and a drizzle just doesn't do it for me.


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