Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Beach and Boiled Peanut Tradition

It's a tradition.  We go to the gulf coast every summer.   It's also a tradition for us to stop at a fruit and vegetable stand on the way and grab some boiled green peanuts.  The last time we stopped at the fruit and "vegy" stand in Florida.  So no one has room to talk about poor education in Alabama! 

We also stop on the way back and get some to boil at home.  It's easy.  Here's some instructions at Southern Plate if you're interested.  

But I'm wondering about the dark ones.  Have these been frozen?  Possibly.  It is a little early in the year for green peanuts fresh from the field. 

I used the cup of salt as called for in the recipe and not quite as much water.  They turned out too salty, but still edible.

One hour later...

But not quite 3 hours later we turned off the heat.  My daughter didn't want them to be real soft.

Time to test them and see if they're like we like 'em.

The dark ones were as good as the light colored ones.  

I eat a few of these and then I'm done.  The Bassman and our daughters love them and eat the rest!

This is one of the few pictures of the beach and ocean that I took this year.  If you look through the railing you might be able to see it (stand on your tippy toes if it helps). 

These two were enjoying a break from classes and went to the Hangout Music Festival

The huge fried crab claws, seafood salad and blackened shrimp poboy at Cafe Palm Breeze are wonderful.  We also enjoy eating at the Shrimp Basket and the Original Oyster House

Oh, and just so you know that I really don't eat all the time, I did teach myself to crochet while I was there! 

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