Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Simple, Perfect Chili and not so chilly

It was 58 degrees outside, a perfect day to make some chili.  Well, ok, that's not real good chili weather but that's as chilly as it's gonna get for a while here in Bama.  So I best get on with making my selection for the Sweet As Pie Cooking Club.  Don't delay another day because tomorrow the temp is supposed to be back in the 70s!

I have a standard chili recipe that my family loves.  But I chose this one to try something different, not like chicken chili different, but just different.  Turns out PWs recipe is actually very similar to my standard as far as ingredients.    A friend of ours has won chili competitions out in Texas.  He will tell you that real chili doesn't have beans in it.  I will tell you that real chili does have beans in it cause that's the way it always has been, it just does.

Here's the beef...and garlic.  (Yeah, it looks green and nasty thanks to the fluorescent lighting...moving on)

...and the spices.  I usually don't measure the spices out into individual bowls.  Seems like a lot of extra dishes to wash.   But the recipe said to do it and I guess I wanted to be like the Pioneer Woman, so I did. 

I did have to add water a few times as it cooked.

It is simple.  It is perfect.  The Bassman liked it too.  I'll be adding more liquid, it was pretty dense.

Now, bring on the 70 degree days!  I'm ready!

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