Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Penne a la Sisters

Since the Pioneer Woman blogged about her sister in this Penne a la Betsy post, I'll share a little about mine too. 

She's a high school math teacher.  That's why she has this look: 

I'll get forgiveness for that later.  Love ya, girl!  Actually, she's a good math teacher.  Big sisters just know these things.  Her students like her so that's a big clue.

Here we are about to watch a game.  Roll Tide.

Now on to the Sweet As Pie Cooking Club  recipe Penne al la Betsy.  Oh by the way, my sister doesn't like seafood so she didn't have any of this dish.  But this is definitely girl food.  And the Bassman liked it too.  He likes pretty much anything with seafood in it.

I followed the recipe verbatim from the cookbook.  So check it out or the PW website for the details. 

The shrimp look so good.  These came from the gulf.  Only "gulf" shrimp will do people!  Look for it.  Ask for it.  It costs a little more but it's worth it and helps our economy.

I used some white wine that I had on hand.  Hmmm, wines have odd names now don't they!

There is some confusion on the part of the amount of tomato sauce.  The recipe on the PW website called for an 8oz can while the cookbook version called for the larger 14oz can.   Definitely need the larger can. 

Basil is my favorite herb and I could've added extra!

Creamy, but not too heavy.  The recipe makes a generous amount.  I was curious how good the leftovers would be.  You know, some things are best eaten NOW and just shouldn't be warmed up again.    Other ladies at the Sweet as Pie Cooking Club had good results with the leftovers and so did I.  

I will spare you the picture of my empty bowl of leftovers tonight.  Yum!


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  1. Kerry, I enjoy your blog so much that I've just passed The Liebster Blog Award to you. Please go to my blog to read my post about this award.
    THANKS, 8-)

    1. Hi Candy! Thank you, I'm so honored!

  2. Hi Kerry, visiting from Color It Simple. I found you via Pickin and Paintin. I am a new follower, I would love for you to visit and follow back. Happy Blogging!

    1. Hi Lori, thanks for stopping by. I'll be right over!

  3. That looks good! Has she forgiven you yet? lol

    1. Yeah she did, said it was the perfect pic the week before spring break!


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