Saturday, March 17, 2012

Shabby College Key Holder

Another project for the college house was a key holder.   Of course, it needed to be cute and totally not embarassing to your friends.  So after a nice lunch, the Bassman went with me to Anthropologie to see if I could find something cute and not totally embarassing.   Lo and behold they had the perfect hooks!  And at $2.95 each, I actually could afford to pay for college and make a keyholder!  Here's the Bassman displaying them so I could get a picture to show the girls.

The wood is a cabinet or drawer front that came from the Habitat Restore.    I used paint that I already had since it wasn't going to take much to cover it.  The hooks didn't come with screws so after a trip to Lowes, we had antique finish screws to match the metal hook.  The Bassman helped out with the drill.

This project was done before I started my blog, so that means it was done without making a lot of pictures to show.  

I'm finding that the end result of my projects are "lightly distressed", but the girls are happy with it and that's what matters.  The college house decor has to be "cute", and I may not know what is cute and what is not...just sayin.  After sanding the edges and toning down the bright yellow, I sent it on it's way to Tuscaloosa.   The girls attached it to the wall with 3M command strips since it's not very heavy.

Here's the key holder in use. 

I like it when the college house projects are a success and now I'm linking up below!  

Have a great weekend!


 The Shabby Nest Chic on a Shoestring Decorating It's Overflowing


  1. Looks great. The Habitat Restore is growing on me. Literally hundreds of cabinet doors in the Decatur store.

  2. Hey, I was replying to comments and just now noticed that your's says "noreply". Thought I'd tell you in case you didn't intend it to be that way.

    1. Thanks for telling me that. When I created this blog, I had no idea what the result of some of the options would be!

  3. Very cool -- I made something pretty similar a little while ago for holding bags and coats by my front door. I used drawer pulls (a little more rustic than the ones you chose) and even painted the wood yellow. I really love the contrast between the yellow and blue, though!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I just love the pulls at Hobby Lobby too. I stand there in the aisle and wish I had all of them!


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