Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hospice Chili Challenge

Recently, I volunteered at our local Hospice Chili Challenge fund raiser.   I met some really nice people and ate some really good chili too!    While peeling about a ton of potatoes, I met the sister of my boss at my first job.  I won't say how long ago my first job has been!   I love chili, but I didn't prepare any for the competition.  So that freed me up to do lots of tasting.  After the tasting, I would be helping count the tickets to determine the People's Choice winner.   

See the Double Chocolate Chip Muffins I made?  They're way down at the end of this table of yumminess.

Bake Sale
After bidding on several things at the silent auction, I did win a nice tote bag and a haircut coupon.

Silent Auction
There were several old lockers painted by students.  This one raised over $300 in the auction. 

Lots of paintings, drawings, and photos from talented artists in the Fine Art section.

Fine Art Silent Auction

I thought this was neat.  It's a lion made of rope.  Supposedly, it was a craft made by seaman while at sea.

Lion craft

Then there's the chili.  There were all kinds of chili.  The chicken chili was wonderful.  There was also real estate chili, church chili, political chili, etc. etc.

This looks like Auburn chili, but it's actually rocket science chili.

Rocket science chili
...and the dental chili...I just had to ask if it was good for my teeth (ha ha)!

I did ask the politicians if their chili was political chili.  No pictures though, there are enough political pictures around these days.   Don't you think?

And the winners received a chili award.

Chili Trophy

A very successful fund raiser for a very worth cause.  


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