Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Liebster Award and Where 2 or More are Gathered

Candy over at Pickin and paintin has passed on the Liebster Blog Award to my blog!  I was so honored and excited!  I enjoy Candy's blog and the shabby distressed look she creates.  I'm ready to do a chalk paint project after seeing her projects!  

The Liebster Blog Award {Liebster is a German word meaning "dearest or beloved"}
It's an award in the blogging community given to an up and coming blog, having less than 200 followers.  Now, I am to 'pay it forward' by passing the award to 5 other new, up and coming bloggers.  In the search (which takes time), I ran across several new blogs that I enjoyed very much!   

As I was searching for you, I noticed that a couple of you have something in common.  Your faith and blessings.  And your willingness to put it on your blog.  Not in a boastful way, but sharing it.  Not "in your face" kind of sharing.  Just the kind of sharing faith that we're supposed to do.  Offering support and friendship.  When I started my blog I thought I should share my faith along with other things in life that I love.  So it is possible that I saw your blog because you share your faith!  See?  He leads us that way.  "For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them."  Maybe we should create a "He Loves You" award?  I hope you are blessed because you shared your faith in some way. 

Now, let me say this is for fun so if you chose not to accept (as I almost did), no problem, and we'll all move on to our next post!

Shirley @ housepitalitydesigns .  Where It's All About the Hospitable Home.  I love her colorful blog header and the Pass It On Project!

Pam @ The Best Laid Plans loves to cook, embroider and other crafty projects.  And shares her family love too.  So.do.I.  Enjoy!

Oh my, look at Francine's furniture updates @  Sky Blue Creations.  I love the old white and burlap chairs.

Lisa's thrifty finds and budget decorating  at Budget Design Girl caught my attention as I am trying to do the same thing!   

Check out Kristel's Pottery Barn knock-offs at The Velvet Door


  1. Hi Kerri, what an honor to be nominated by you for a Liebster Blog award, you are so sweet, and yes, I accept it...Thanks a bunch.


    1. Hi Kristel, you're welcome and I'm glad I ran across your blog!


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