Wednesday, September 26, 2012

PW BBQ Jalapeno Poppers

We're always ready to eat jalapeno poppers.  We love them!  We even like 'em nekked.   I was excited to see one of the September picks in the Sweet As Pie Cooking Club was jalapeno poppers!  Perfect for gameday...or any day for that matter!  The game is only the side attraction, right?

Leave some seeds and membrane because we like 'em hot.

Fill them with cheese and secure the bacon wrap with a toothpick.  After wrapping the bacon around several peppers, it occured to me this step was more time consuming than I wanted it to be.  After all, where do we think this bacon is going anyway?   I guess the toothpick is a help when it comes to grabbing one when they're done.

A friend recommended Blue's Hog BBQ sauce and we tried it on smoked ribs.  It's pretty sweet, which is not our preference, but it's what I had on hand.  I brushed it on a few and left some plain.

One of the variations was to spread on some preserves.  So I tried that too.

Isn't the pan going to be swimming in grease with half a slice of bacon on each popper?   I cut back on the bacon, laying on just enough to cover the top.

Bake them for what seems like forever at 275 degrees or until the bacon is crisp.

Well, it never got crisp and the longer they baked the softer the jalapenos got.

I turned the broiler on and toasted the tops until the bacon started browning.

With jam


With BBQ sauce
Although the peppers are too soft, they still taste ok, just mushy.  After all, how can you mess up jalapenos, cheese and bacon? 

With some adjustments, basically less bacon and higher oven temp, I would make these again.  It was a good variation on a family favorite!


Meet me at the Well and let me know what you think!

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