Thursday, September 13, 2012

Puppy Love

Has you ever been awaked by sounds in your closet?  I was so rudely awakened one morning a few weeks ago to the sound of this:

Yes, the top rack hanger thingy in the closet fell!  Ugh, what a mess! 

As I peeled through the layers of stuff in the floor, I ran across my old collection of Donny Osmond albums. 

I understand if you click the X to close your browser at this point!  Ha ha! 

Oh, yes, the Justin Beiber of the 70s!

I just had to get out my old photo album and look at the poor pictures from the concert where I saw him in person!  Yes, I couldn't believe it at the time, that I was going to his concert.

And would you believe is only cost $7.00?

It seems silly to be sharing this.

At this point my family will say "Don't you have anything better to do?"  My response is "Yes, I just choose to not do it at the moment!

And the closet is back to normal...I know you were wondering about that, too!


  1. Oh my. That's a fear of mine that the shelves will fall! And I feel silly about most of the things I post. lol When I posted a photo of The Parthenon in Nashville the other day, I started to add in how I remember a school trip there when we were in about 7th grade.

  2. I would imagine that the sound of the shelf falling must have scared you so. I'm glad that Donny was not hurt in any way though.


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