Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chocolate Mint Brownie Fall Apart

Head's up chocolate and mint lovers!   You'll love these, I also threw on a scoop of vanilla ice cream.   Now that I've come down from the chocolate high I can tell you about these from The Sweet As Pie Cooking Club

This is Katie's selection, she's at Come Hell or High Waters.  I had the opportunity to meet her a couple of days after I made these brownies!  Isn't that sweet?  Nice to meet you Katie! 

I love Andes mints but had never seen them used in a recipe before.  Katie found Andes baking mints, but I used the individually wrapped ones.

Just unwrap them.  Repeat 50 times.

I don't have a stand mixer...maybe I should ask Santa for one.  I whipped up the ingredients with my hand mixer.

I love mint, but I didn't add mint extract.  With so many Andes mints already, I thought I might not miss it.

Kind of as an oversight, I used semi-sweet chocolate instead of the bittersweet and unsweetened baking chocolate.   I didn't have my grocery list with me when I bought the chocolate so I just bought baking chocolate and went with it.

Coming out of the oven, they look like mushrooms because they overflow out of the muffin pan.  

PW warns to grease the pan generously, which I thought I did.  But several fell apart while trying to get them out...sigh...I put them on the back for this photo opportunity.

So just carry on!  That doesn't stop the chocolate dipping and pouring and sprinkling of the remainder of melted chocolate and chopped Andes mints over the brownie fall-apart.

I had to have the college crowd around to help me eat these so I would not eat them all by myself!

Not shown:  scoop of vanilla ice cream



  1. Now that looks outstanding! Yum. Wish I was part of the college crowd! :)

  2. Oh wow, Kerry! Behind chocolate and PB, mint and chocolate are my next favorite combo! Pinning!

  3. I bet these will be good too with pb cups instead of the chocolate mints...really cute too!


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