Monday, September 17, 2012

My 80's Afghan and Crochet

My grandmother made this afghan for me back in the early 80's.   I had it on my couch last fall.  It kept my tootsies so warm!   It's been put away during the summer so the cats wouldn't destroy it (they love it too!) but it's time to get it out again.  

I chose the colors back then and 30 years later, this chevron pattern and these colors are back in style.  

My Mom taught me a basic chain crochet stitch, but it didn't turn into anything, not even a potholder!   She said her third grade teacher pulled a few of the girls aside during PE class and taught them to crochet.  She taught them to make granny squares.

This afghan inspired me to want to try it myself.  I also began meeting with some wonderful ladies at a prayer shawl ministry.  These ladies had been stitching for a while and have made beautiful afghans.  The first couple of times I attended, I had yet to make one stitch!  Ugh, why was starting so hard!

I thought starting out small was best.  Maybe a scarf, since I love scarves.  I had already pinned several to my board that I might try. 

I googled EASY and BEGINNER crochet patterns only to find that those terms are often misleading!  Any pattern where each row is a different stitch is not my definition of EASY and BEGINNER!  Some of these patterns look like software source code!  Ha ha!  I really wanted to do one stitch over and over again to make something useful.  Was I asking too much?  

Finally, I found it!   And figured out the "source code" too.  Here's the first one I made, in my favorite color, of course.  It's a wrap that just goes around your shoulders or across your lap.

While shopping in Michaels one day, I ran across some "baby yarn" on sale.  It was so soft and a fun delicious sherbet color. 

Yet it was another misleading was one of those "fun" "boucle" yarns they call them.  Not so fun for a beginner to learn with!

I finally did manage the boucle and now it's ready to bless a sweet baby!



  1. Pretty afghan! It's amazing how everything comes in style again. I wish I knew how to crochet. I guess that'll be next on my list (after I learn to sew).

  2. It's a great fall afghan. We have several too. That blue is such a very pretty color. And why didn't someone pull us out of PE to crochet???

  3. what goes around, comes around...always (as long as you are willing to keep the same stuff for a couple of decades). Nice blanket!


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