Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Diners, Drive-ins and Chris' Hot Dogs

I doubt if Guy and Triple D ever stopped here but we make a point to whenever we're in the area.  And it IS a dive! 
It's Chris' Hot Dogs in Montgomery, AL.  My husbands father brought him here when he was young.  And his father came here with his grandfather (does that make sense!?)   It's been in business for 95 years.

Basically there are 4 generations in his family that have eaten at Chris'.  My husband remembers that he would eat about 12 hot dogs.  His Dad gave him and his brother a sip of his beer when he was about 13!

Back in the day, the buns were homemade and the hot dogs were very tasty.  They are nothing special today, but the sauce is their own original recipe.  It's a good hot dog sauce, it's all you need on your hot dog!  Oh, and onion rings, do order onion rings.

He said that each booth had it's own tabletop jukebox, but they're no longer there.

Being just down the street from the capital building, this place could probably tell a story or two if the walls could talk!

Kind of a neat place to stop for lunch just to say you did.



  1. It looks like a great place. These old eateries are always the best.

  2. I remember him telling about this place! Cool!


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