Tuesday, September 11, 2012

King Mackerel, Cobia and Friends

King Mackerel, Cobia and Friends...not in that particular order, it just made a better sounding title!

On a trip to Gulf Shores this past summer, we met up with some of the Bassman's long time friends.  And I do mean lonnnng time. 

Like his friend from middle school...yes, middle school.  They have kept in touch off and on over the years.

Then later we met up with lonnng time fishing buddies.  See the sunburns and tans?  Yep, they went deep sea fishing while the rest of us enjoyed the beach.

They managed to reel in a King Mackerel and a Cobia.  I had never tried either of those fish. 

Everyone said "Oh, the King Mackerel is strong, you'll want to cut it into nuggets and fry it." 

So we did.   We soaked them in buttermilk for a few minutes, sprinkled on plenty of cajun seasoning and covered them with meal before frying.

With all the "strong" comments, I was worried I would be throwing it in the trash.  But they weren't too strong, they were good along with some homemade tartar sauce.  

Having grown up eating catfish, I guess "strong" is relative!

We grilled the Cobia.  One seasoned with cajun seasoning and other with lemon pepper. 

Cobia is good, it has a milder taste.

I had to have some of both on my plate!

Have you cooked either of these fish?  If so, how did you cook them?


  1. They both look great and I don't even like fish!

  2. I love eating fish!!! ...and I don't mind the "fishy" taste


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