Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sock, Cosco and Cane chair

Slowly but surely I've managed to complete a few other chair projects over the past few months. 

Unfortunately, I wasn't so dedicated to taking before pictures.  Probably because some of these chairs looked awful, too bad for pictures! 

And I had to stop buying chairs.  I was running out of room and my house was looking like a second hand furniture store.  Not that my house looked that good to begin with, but still I had to stop buying chairs until I could get a few finished!

This is an armless chair that apparently was a part of a sectional sofa in its old life.  The cushion has springs and the chair was still in great shape.

In it's new life, it's my sock chair.  You know the chair you sit on to put your socks on.  In reality, it's the chair that holds the clothes that didn't get put away!

Sock chair
These are 1950s Cosco chairs.  I wish I had taken before pictures because I cannot find similar pictures on the internet.  Basically, I recovered the arms and spring cushions.  I thought I would never get done with the cushions because I couldn't get the corners to line up.   I pinned and stitched and ripped it out...repeat.   I also learned that seamstress' use pins, upholsterers do not.  What?!  How can you not use pins?  Mrs. Mckee, my Home Economics teacher, would have a fit if we didn't use pins!  

They are so comfortable!

1955 Cosco chairs

The cane in the back of this chair had become so brittle it was breaking.  Replacing cane mats like this one seems intimidating, but it's really not too bad.   Now I just need to finish putting the trim piece on it.  After refinishing the wood and recovering the seat, it makes a nice desk chair.  NOW, the desk needs project just leads to another...the desk is on the to-do list.

Cane back chair
Have a seat and let me know what you think.

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  1. OMG! I am so impressed. They all look great! I love that flowered fabric. Mrs. McKee would be impressed too.

  2. I think your chairs look great! You've done a wonderful job. I'd love to sit in any one of those chairs and have a nice visit with you! :)

  3. I love them! they ook fabulous...and for the record I do it with books - starting new ones before I'm done with the original projects


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