Monday, August 20, 2012

PW Steakhouse Pizza

This Sweet As Pie Cooking Club selection for August seemed like a lot of steps for some reason, but boy was it worth it in the end!!

At some point in life if you don't already wear glasses, you will have a pair of readers in every room on every table and on every countertop.  I should have put mine on because I read 1/4 cup of water instead of 3/4 cup to go with the yeast!

I realized that I had an issue when the dough was REALLY dry.  I added in more warm water so we'll see how it goes.  Off it goes into the sunroom where things sit to get warm (or to take a nap).

I chose the skirt steak.  Another first since I've never cooked with this cut of meat before.

LOTS of onions, yum!

Saute them in oil and balsamic vinegar.

Enter that homemade marinara that I shared the other day!  It's probably a little thinner than that in the jar but it didn't make any difference.

The pizza pan doesn't get used very often since I rarely fix pizza at home.   I like this pan though because it has the air holes in the bottom that make the crust nice and "crusty".

Oops!  The down side is that I pushed on the dough and it ended up...well...on the down side!  Oh well, this pizza will just have little crusty nubs on the bottom.

I do like lots of cheese on my pizza.

Pink and red steak is ok, but no red juice thank you.  Here it needed a couple more minutes on the grill.

This pizza has so much flavor going on.  A very tasty variation to our typical steak or pizza dinner. 

The Pioneer Woman said the "dudes" in your life will love it and mine did!


  1. That looks SOOOO yummy! I'm making chicken stew today using a batch of fresh tomatoes. We may still get enough this year to make a batch of sauce.


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