Sunday, August 19, 2012

Many tomatoes = marinara

My father's garden always has a row of tomatoes.  I don't know how many plants, 20 maybe 30.  I always have a bucket full of them available as long as they are growing.  So I'm always looking to do something with them! 

One of the food blogs I follow is Southern Bite where I saw this simple recipe for marinara.  Pin that!  It calls for big cans of tomatoes.  I wanted to substitute those big cans of tomatoes for fresh tomatoes.

I plopped them in the food processor, peeling included.

Keep processing them until there's about the same amount of fresh tomatoes as canned.

Now on the stove, onions smell so good!

Add the chopped garlic.  Mmm, smellin' even better!

Following the recipe, let it simmer.

I'm wondering how well it will freeze because there's a few cups of marinara there.  More than I will use right away.

I see some Pioneer Woman Steakhouse Pizza in my future and I have the perfect marinara for it now!

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