Thursday, August 16, 2012

Corn Casserole with Peppers

This Pioneer Woman recipe was just meant to be for The Sweet As Pie Cooking Club

Back in the spring, I needed a dish for a potluck.  So I flipped through the PW recipe book and found the Corn Casserole with Peppers recipe.  I did take some photos thinking I would just post it or select it when my turn came around.  And here it is, our August bonus recipe.  I am feeling so ahead of the menu!  Ha ha!

This was the perfect dish for all that corn in the freezer that needed to be used to make room for this summer's corn.

Red peppers are not my favorite, but they're good in this dish.  I removed the seeds from the jalepenos since this dish was for a crowd.  Some may not like it hot!

Whenever I see cream, I think of the Pioneer Woman ... I have never cooked with so much cream until I started following her recipes.

...and plenty of butter too!

The sauce is thinner than I expected.  My sister-in-law makes a similiar dish using cream cheese instead of cream so I guess I was comparing to that. 

It's rich and very good!  I received positive feedback at the potluck, too!


  1. You know everything is better with butter, and cream, and cream cheese!!! That looks good!


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