Monday, August 13, 2012

Purple People Eater Chicken

When food has to cook for a couple of hours, I often turn to the crock pot.  When it's cooking on the stovetop for that long, I tend to not stir it enough or I take the lid off so often it takes way too long to cook! 

This recipe selection from the Sweet As Pie Cooking Club worked great in the crockpot.

This is the first time I've marinated chicken in red wine and a first for preparing a dish with plums.

We don't have plum preserves at the grocery stores in the south.  But we do have plum jam, thanks to the American-owned BAMA products!  I got it at either Piggly Wiggly or Foodland, can't remember which.  I did have one last jar of homemade plum jam but there's no way I'm using that in this dish. 

Fresh plums, yum!   I had forgotten how good they are.

I fast forwarded through the recipe to the Variations section and, of course, had to add the red pepper flakes to the honey soy mixture.

After marinating the chicken in the red wine, I had purple people eater chicken. 

Yeah, kinda weird looking and I kept thinking of the purple people eater song so I just had to look it up!  Ha ha!

Add the plums, garlic and honey soy mixture to the purple chicken.  Bring it to a boil on the stovetop so it's nice and hot.

Put it in the crockpot (I preheated it).

Four or maybe 5 hours later (I forgot to time it), it's falling off the bone.

 I stir-fried some veges to go with it since this dish has an asian taste.

The purple people eater chicken is dark, not very appetizing to look at it, but it's tasty. 

Do add the green onions and fresh plum garnish!


  1. this looks amazing! I like to use the crockpot! will have to make this!

  2. The color does look a little weird, but it sounds good. We eat a lot of chicken so I'll keep this in mind.


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