Monday, December 3, 2012

PW Roasted Cauliflower

We especially love roasted asparagus and even roasted young tender green beans and broccoli.  But I had never tried roasted cauliflower until this recipe showed up on the Sweet As Pie Cooking Club for November.

The Bassman doesn't like cauliflower so I prepared this dish for one of our Sunday family gatherings.

It's easy, as is roasting any vegetable.   Cut, toss, sprinkle and bake!

I think my oven is old and tired.  A new oven and a kitchen update are on our to do list ... but not until after our daughters graduate from college.  The cauliflower had only a few roasted brown areas and I was short on time.  I'd like more brown roasting on there so next time I'll roast it at a slightly higher temperature.

The cauliflower must have been small for the amount of bread crumbs called for in the recipe.  That's way too much bread crumbs, I only used a cup and it was still way too much in my opinion.

I let the crumb topping brown only slightly so I could heat it up and brown it more at lunch time.  This was a different side than usual and most of the family did give it a try but no one commented on it at all.  

The roasted cauliflower is good, I'll definitely add that to my roasting vege options.  And I'll just leave off the bread crumbs completely or use a lot less and maybe add some of the variations like parmesan cheese or herb seasonings.

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  1. Kerry, I make this with cauliflower and drained great northern beans covered with Panko rather than bread crumbs. Love it, crave it! Mine is actually a recipe from Everyday Food Magazine (Martha Stewart), and my family doesn't comment, either. I think they tolerate my love for healthy roasting. I think I also add some Parm to the Panko, so keep tweaking. Maybe the family will come around. :-)


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