Friday, December 7, 2012

Baked Chicken Parmesan

Looking at my posts this week, it looks like the "week of food" at the well!  The Bassman and I both agreed this meal was a great break from the holiday food that we've been devouring lately.

I paired Baked Chicken Parmesan from Skinny Taste with a super easy authentic Italian pizza sauce from Frugal Ain't Cheap.   Both dishes are so easy and healthy too.

Add some pasta (or not) with the same delicious pizza sauce plus something green and enjoy!

Notice how my plate is mostly pasta?   Hee hee ; )

Thanks Dani, the sauce is very good!

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  1. thanks! I love the simplicity of authentic Italian food.Yet is so good. I have not made chicken parmesan in a long time...time to make it again!

  2. Yum. I love, love Chicken Parmesan--I need to check out these recipes! Thank you, Kerry!


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