Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nutella Craze

What is with the Nutella craze?   As I understand it, this stuff has been around for a while yet I couldn't understand why it suddenly became so popular.  

I guess it's a chocolate lovers thing?  Chocolate on toast just didn't catch my attention nor did any other Nutella recipe I ran across.  But these Nutella Turnovers did.

Puff pastry and Nutella, simple enough so far.

Divide the pastry into 4 squares.  You'll get 8 turnovers out of a package of 2 sheets.

Put a dollup of Nutella on each square.

Fold over into a triangle, seal and brush with egg wash.

Oh, just follow this recipe for Nutella Turnovers.  These things are good!


  1. Oh my! Oh my! I love Nutella & these look sooo stinkin' good!

  2. you know, I grew up on Nutella. In Italy Nutella is the equivalent of the peanut butter here in the US. I LOVE Nutella. I can almost smell it from your, if the nausea will go away, maybe I can make this too

  3. Those look delicious even though hazelnut is not my favorite.


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