Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mary, did you know?

First things first.  The nativity scene is the first Christmas decoration I pull out of storage.  Yeah, it's a material thing, but it's a symbol of what this season is about and that's what's important.

When I bought my nativity scene, I wanted one that had nice colors and the figurines had "normal" looking eyes.  I mean, who wants the wise men or any others to have wonky eyes?  Is that too much to ask?   You know what I'm saying!

Now about Mary, an unmarried virgin carrying the child of God!  She has an awesome faith story.

Can you imagine the responsibility she felt of what was given to her?   Can you imagine

the faith she had

that God would see her through the circumstances she found herself in?   

He would see her through her relationship with Joseph.  He would see her through with dealing with nosey neighbors or anyone who questioned her or had anything negative to say.  

He led Mary like he leads us today.  He made her strong.  He leads us through whatever we are going through if we let Him.

He gives us Hope. 

I'm not a parenting expert by any means but I know there is only a few short years to impress upon our children the values and morals that we want them to carry on in life.  And in their children's lives, and in their children's get the picture.   We don't know what our children's choices will be or what's in their future.   I know choosing God to lead is the most important decision we can make in life. 

I imagine Mary, raising her children, didn't know exactly what to expect.  But wouldn't you like to ask her?

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  1. Oh, wouldn't you like to ask her?! I so love that Mary was willing to serve as she did. My prayer is to be like Mary in that way--willing to serve in any way, trusting God to provide.

    Thank you so much for joining Home for the Holy Days!!

  2. Yes...I want to have a willing heart, like Mary! (:>)
    I love "Mary Did You Know!" It is one of my favorite Christmas songs!
    Thanks for sharing this!

    Merry Christmas!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


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