Monday, February 20, 2012

To B(log) or not to B(log)

To be or not to be...thinking that famous quote was made by a president that I could commemorate since it's President's Day, I had to look it up to be sure.  

After two seconds of research,  turns out it was Shakespeare so I'll just move on with the intent of this post!
In 2009, I started noticing blogs while looking for decorating ideas and ran across .  Hmmm...this is interesting and began following.  Then I noticed one of her followers,, lives just across the river from me!  Wow, the blog world just hit close to home.  I began thinking about creating my own blog and seems I don't do anything FAST, so procrastination set in.  Then inspiration came from my friend Amy at with a Vintage Twist.  I'm enjoying her photography, vintage finds and an occasional lunch together.  Amy says that she was undecided about her major back in college so she majored in the same thing that I did!  I was sure she was joking, but no.  You never know when your actions will affect someone else.  (Sorry Amy, I know this is not a real good picture, so I made it small hee hee!)

I'm also so excited to be a member of the Sweet As Pie Cooking Club.  I have always enjoyed cooking and look forward to this new online adventure!

Just wanted to share the sources of my bloggie inspiration.  Thank you ladies!



  1. Aww. I'm on your blog! After 5 power interruptions in two hours, my Internet isn't working, seems to be the dsl modem. Got cellular on the iPad so able to do this at least. When I can use the grown up computer again I'll return the favor and I know just the picture to post :).

  2. Hi Woman at the Well. I looked for your real name, but couldn't find it. Of course, I found you over on Amy's blog. She is one of my inspirations to start this journey......Im only 3 weeks into blogging myself.
    I look forward to seeing what kind of recipes you share as well as other good inspirational 'stuff'.
    ANYWAY, come visit me and follow along with me. 8-)

    1. Nice to meet you Candy! Thanks for joining me. I'm headed over to your place now! Kerry


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